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Graphic design

We offer a wide variety of graphical solutions, ranging from the simplest graphics and internet banners through printable materials such as brochures, catalogues and albums, to creative solutions, such as logos, identification or album covers.

Everyday business graphics

We design all types of business materials, both off- and online.

Graphical solutions for our Customers are always self-consistent and personalised, which serves building their brand identity. All of our projects are made according to our Customers’ identification guidelines or ones jointly created with them for the specific promotional campaign.

We create directories and leaflets, press adverts, posters, catalogues, catalogue and information cards, invitations, coupons, holiday cards, and offer typesetting for most kinds of business publications.

Creative design

We offer creative designs – logos, trademarks, album covers, posters, festival and event T-shirts, elements for cutting.

Vectorization and design renewal

We offer vectorization and renewal of graphic designs.

Vectorization means professional graphic reproduction of an image from a file, print, scan or photograph.

It is most commonly done to logotypes and allows for creation of files that can be printed out in any size without suffering any loss in quality as well as being up to current internet’s standards. We may also modernise such designs.