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Websites – design, creation and administration

We offer comprehensive services related to creating and administrating websites based on various types of CMS and stable hosting of both websites and email services.


The first website we have ever created was made around 1997. Ever since we have been constantly striving to develop our skills and broaden our horizons so that we may always deliver top-notch websites.
Given that, we can say with complete certainty that by choosing our services you will be in very good hands.

We create websites of various designs and complexities using modern technologies and good practices regarding its positioning and aesthetics. Our designs automatically adjust to both desktop and mobile devices to ensure best user experience.

Website administration

We provide full-range services regarding website administration: content updates, functional development as well as updating and overseeing CMS safety.

Our day-to-day website administrating support will allow you to save precious time that is currently used for either taking care of your websites by yourselves or searching for people to do that.

By paying for a specified tasks over specified time – either performed once or regularly – you can optimise the costs as well as save time and money without having to keep additional posts within your company or constantly look for subcontractors.

Stable and trustworthy hosting

We also offer hosting services which include:

  • modern and stable website and email hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • swift hosting support¬†
  • daily backups
  • 24h administrative oversight of servers

Hosting service is provided free of charge for users of selected continuous website or Wordpress administration plans.

Super-charged websites

Ever needed to buy an add-on for your Wordpress?

Website management services provided by D53 come packed with professional paid add-ons, features and licenses for sites based on Wordpress.

Annual package is worth over a 1’000USD and available to all our clients as needed for their sites.

These include to name just a few

  • Gravity Forms (powerful form / ecommerce / poll solution),
  • Gravity Wiz Perks (a system of add-ons and extensions to Gravity Forms),
  • WP All Import / Export (perfect tool for bulk processing of large sites and e-commerce sites),
  • Themify (ultra fast, ultra flexible page and site builder),
  • Better Search Replace (ultimate content update, migration tool),
  • Updraft Plus (supercharged migration and backups tool) and many more.

Webdesign and development

Below are some of our completed projects. They are websites of varying structure. Some of them were made from scratch and some were re-designed based on their existing structure and contents.  More info subj individual inquiry.