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WordPress administration

Overseeing Wordpress site safety. Updating themes and plugins. Administrating site content. We offer these as either continuous servicing of already existing Wordpress sites or as package deals that also include hosting and webmastering.

Updating Wordpress and keeping things secure

Wordpress-based websites constitute almost a half of all websites of the world, which is why they are constantly being attacked by all manner of bots made to automatically search for ways to breech their security. A successful attack does not have to mean instant taking down of the website or its content being altered. A hacked website may partake in further attacks for months without most people noticing.

Apart from updating all components regularly and adequate safety measures, a trustworthy hosting plays a major role in ensuring website’s security.

Optimising SEO and administrating content

What is often referred to as “uploading stuff” seems very easy, it is not, in fact, only copy-and-pasting texts onto a website. For a site to look presentable and professional and its contents to be easy to find and understand, additional work is required.

Texts often should be redacted, photos adjusted, additional graphics made. Whatever is on the website should be placed appropriately, content linked to via social media, and audiences there engaged with.

Reliable hosting

Here at D53 we strive to holistically take care of our Customers’ online presence, which is why we use our own, reliable hosting that we ourselves trust the most, for all website administration service packages.

Hosting – the basis of operation of a website or email – may, of course, be purchased separately, but it works better in a service package and better yet with website update and security administration service as well.

Does your website require attention?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. When was your website created?
  2. When was it last updated?
  3. When did you last contact the creators of the website?

If the answer to as much as one of the questions is “at least 1 or 2 months back,” then your website definitely requires attention. If the answer to any of the questions is “more than half a year back,” then immediate attention is required.

We can help!

We may look into it and figure out what to do – no strings attached.